Welcome to Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhounds!

Speedy Lou invites you to learn more about our hounds, read the latest news, and spend a day with the owners! Just use the paw (shown here smaller than actual size!) to find your way around. Before you leave, be sure to send us a little note using the form on the "about us" page. We love hearing from our visitors!

Our Philosophy

We believe that Irish Wolfhounds flourish in an environment where they can be part of a family. All of our dogs are part of our household and all of the puppies we breed , along with their new owners, become part of our family.

We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and cherished. They should be hugged on, played with, laughed at, and cried over at the end. Our dogs make our lives more joyful and we hope we do the same for them.

An Irish Wolfhound is not for every household. They are expensive to feed, expensive to vet, expensive to buy and they eat up space in your house. They also destroy your garden, dig craters in your yard, chew up your young trees, think your deck is a great chew toy and they show no remorse about any of the above. They'll plant big muddy feet on your chest when you have your favorite shirt on, drink a quart of water and wipe their beard on your suit just before you leave for work, and gleefully dance around while you complain.

Words cannot express my gratitude and how much I thank for having responded to my ask due to that almost hopeless situation.

However, if they don't drive you crazy, you'll fall in love with them so completely that the very sight of them running across your yard will take away your breath. They will move into your heart and stretch those long legs until there is no room for doubt that you've joined the ranks of the besotted.

Welcome to our world.

Jonette Jones, Steppin'wolf Hounds